Crowdfunding für „In einem Augenblick der Gefahr“

Σε μια στιγμή κινδύνου – in einem Augenblick der Gefahr
, 104 Minuten, 2021

Eine Gesellschaft im Konflikt; der Kampf zwischen Faschismus und Solidarität, der anhand eines Hauses erforscht wird, das aus seiner Asche wiederaufgebaut wird.

Die Art und Weise, wie wir uns an die Geschichte erinnern, hängt davon ab, wie wir sie erleben. Die Flüchtlingskrise in Griechenland und der Konflikt um den Namen Mazedoniens waren kritische Momente in einer Gesellschaft, die sich in einem Spannungsverhältnis zwischen Faschismus und Solidarität befindet. Die jüngste Vergangenheit ist noch nicht abgeschlossen.

Ein Dokumentarfilm produziert von Alterthess

Wir bitten Sie um Ihre Unterstützung, um die letzten Teile der Postproduktion abzuschließen und uns zu helfen, Filmfestivals in Griechenland und im Ausland zu erreichen:

The way we remember history depends on how we experience it. The refugee crisis in Greece as well as the conflict over the name of Macedonia were critical moments in a society that faces an uneasy balance between fascism and solidarity.

We started this documentary three years ago “in a moment of danger”. In Thessaloniki as  well as in other cities in the country, fascist rhetoric and walls to keep out refugees and migrants became louder and higher. Racist outbursts triggered by the settlement of refugees and migrants became more common. Tension over the Macedonian issue spread more darkness through public discourse on a daily basis. Nationalist rallies, attacks on monuments, social spaces and people, along with the normalisation of hate speech led to an increasingly tense situation.

Alterthess as an independent media outlet based in Thessaloniki directly experienced the consequences of this cultural shift. The mainstream mass media’s reaction was an additional factor that exacerbated the existing tensions to a large extent. 

We attempted to track this undercurrent of anger and the spread of hate speech toward ‘the other’, the foreigner, the neighbour, the refugee, anyone stigmatised as different through the recent past. The documentary begins with the echoes of the fascist Golden Dawn neo-nazi party’s actions and the arrival of a large refugee wave to the Greek islands. Despite its prosecution and conviction, the neo-nazi organisation has left behind residual elements in  Greek society. The ongoing financial crisis coupled with increasingly embedded institutional racism find an outlet in the perception of new internal and external threats.

Our approach is not to take a neutral look at events, but rather an attempt to interconnect them through the lens of solidarity. Our view of recent years is that we have been living through a war of perception. 

With this mindset, we started researching and interviewing people who had firsthand experience of this period, trying to connect the key pieces of a great jigsaw puzzle. We travelled across the country bearing witness to the widespread dissemination of fascist practises, as well as the ways in which it affected individual lived experiences at a local level. At the same time, we investigated how state policies enhance the sense of fear, violence and racism instead of protecting the poor and the weak. Multiple narratives helped us identify the ways to improve the situation, by fighting for a  society where solidarity will be an everyday act and a guide to a different life, including everyone.

Written, directed and produced by Theofilos Kalaitzidis, Iason Bantios, Stavroula Poulimeni

Research: Iason Bantios, Stavroula Poulimeni

Cinematography, editing: Theofilos Kalaitzidis

Music: Stamatis Pasopoulos

Sound recording: Simos Lazaridis, Enes Achmet Kechagia

Sound mixing: Simos Lazaridis

Research associate: Dimosthenis Papadatos Anagnostopoulos

Narration: Foulis Bountouroglou, Dora Nestoridou

Poster design and artwork: Blind Studio

In this effort we were assisted in addition to the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Greece, by a number of people from solidarity movements and journalists, who provided photographs and archival materials, without which the film would never have been completed. We thank them and hope that the end result will live up to their expectations.

At this moment, the film is approaching the start of its journey. Public screenings. We are asking for your support to finish the final parts of post-production and help us reach film festivals in Greece and abroad. Given that Alterthess is an independent, informative media outlet, we rely on our own strength and are solely supported by our readers and our friends.

Specifically, the amount we are aiming to gather will mainly cover the fees of people who were not part of our team from the beginning but came in to cover basic needs of the production, such as sound (recording, mixing, etc.) and music. People who joined our effort and gave of their time, work and ideas to achieve our goal. Work, and especially the work of professionals is something that should always be remunerated, even in a symbolic manner.


  • For composition and recording of original music for the film
  • For the people who undertook the sound recording for a large part of the film and final post-production of sound and music (sound edit, mix and mastering)
  • For the film to continue its journey by applying to film festivals
  • For covering other expenses that came up during the production


10 € – Thank you tag on ​​the fb and instagram page of the movie

30 € – Thanks by name in the titles at the end of the movie & a Thank you tag on ​​the fb and instagram page of the movie

50 € – The movie poster in size A2 & Thanks by name in the titles at the end of the movie & a Thank you tag on ​​the fb and instagram page of the movie

75 € – 3 keepsake cards in size A6 & The movie poster in size A2 & Thanks by name in the titles at the end of the movie & a Thank you tag on ​​the fb and instagram page of the movie

150 € – Streaming link where you can see the movie your home & 3 keepsake cards in size A6 & The movie poster in size A2 & Thanks by name in the titles at the end of the movie & a Thank you tag on ​​the fb and instagram page of the movie

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