Die anarchistische Utopie des Y. Varoufakis

„Was die Idee der frühen Anarchosyndikalisten war: Es gibt keinen Unterschied zwischen Lohn und Profit mehr, endlich betritt die Demokratie das Arbeitsleben.“

Von Yanis Varoufakis, The Guardian, 4.9.2020:
„Economics – Yanis Varoufakis: capitalism isn’t working. Here’s an alternative
In his new book, the economist imagines a future transformed by Covid-19 and sketches a daring vision of democratic socialism. –
When Margaret Thatcher coined “Tina” – her 1980s dictum that “There is no alternative” – I was incensed because, deep down, I felt she had a point: the left had neither a credible nor a desirable alternative to capitalism.
Leftists excel at pinpointing what is wrong with capitalism. We wax lyrical about the possibility of some “other” world in which one contributes according to one’s capacities and obtains according to one’s needs. But, when pushed to describe a fully fledged alternative to contemporary capitalism, for many decades we have oscillated between the ugly (a Soviet-like barracks socialism) and the tired (a social democracy that financialised globalisation has rendered infeasible).
During the 1980s, I participated in many debates in pubs, universities and town halls whose stated purpose was to organise resistance to Thatcherism. I remember my guilty thought every time I heard Maggie speak: “If only we had a leader like her!” I was, of course, under no illusion: Thatcher’s programme was despotic, antisocial and an economic cul-de-sac. But, unlike our side, she understood that we lived in a revolutionary moment. The postwar class war armistice was over. If we wanted to defend the weak, we could not afford to be defensive. We needed to advocate as she did: out with the old system, in with a brand new one. Not Maggie’s dystopian one, but a brand new one nevertheless.“ weiterlesen

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