Privatisierung in Griechenland als neoimperialistischer Raub – der Film

Dokumentarfilm „Something in the water”

Dieser Film konzentriert sich auf die Privatisierung des Wassers, beschreibt aber auch ausführlich, wie Wirtschaftsinteressen reicher europäischer Länder Griechenland dazu zwingen, seine öffentlichen Güter zu verschleudern.
Ein Film von „Public Services International“, einer Vereinigung von 669 Dienstleistungs-Gewerkschaften, u.a. von Verdi.

Aus der Beschreibung des Films:

>“Something in the water” reveals the web of special interests, diplomatic ties and corporate influence behind the privatization of Greece’s public services.

The film focuses on the story of the water supply of Thessaloniki, where, despite 98.2% of voters choosing to maintain public control, the Troika continues to push for privatization, with French multinational Suez set to buy a significant share.

At the centre of the film is the Greek privatization fund, Taiped; a troika imposed organisation riddled by corruption scandals which has been tasked with the firesale of a vast bulk of Greek public services and state assets. On the board of Taiped sits EU representative Philippe Boin who also doubles as Chief of the Economic Service to the French Embassy in Athens, where his main role is to increase profits in Greece for his country’s big multinationals such as private water companies Suez and Veolia.

The release of the film comes just weeks after the Greek Government was forced to pass an ‘Omnibus Bill’ in order to establish an even bigger version of Taiped, known as The Superfund. The President of The Superfund will be Jacques le Pape, a former employee of IMF head Christine La Garde during her time as French Finance minister. As part of Le Garde’s Cabinet, Le Pape worked directly under Cabinet-Chief Stephan Richard – a former Veolia director.

As well as holding the presidency, the EU representatives will wield veto power over any of the decisions of The Superfund for ninety-nine years, effectively placing control over Greek public services and assets in the hands of The Troika and special interests for the next century.

Greek activists and unionists have already reacted to these developments, shutting off the water supply to Syriza offices as well as leaving the email boxes of many of the country’s MPs unusable after more than 3.3 million messages of protest were sent. More actions are planned soon in the fight for public services in Greece.<

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