Der Brief von Tsipras an Lagarde (IWF)

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The first issue is, of course, whether their position reflects the official IMF view. Using a credit event as a means to pressurize Greece and the other member states is clearly beyond the bounds of the negotiation process as we understand it.
The second issue is whether Greece can trust, and continue negotiating in good faith with, IMF officials who express views such as those expressed in these publications. Particularly so as they seem to be threatening to delay the process in the belief that only a credit event will work to extract concessions. Successful negotiations are often difficult but they always require trust and credibility from all sides. I sincerely hope that the IMF position is to reach a quick, successful and sustainable conclusion of the review and I am sure you will take all necessary measures to ensure that the negotiation process will remain on track.
As allways I would be happy to talk to you any time on these issues, as I am sure your share my concerns.
Yours Sincerely, Alexis Tsipras.
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2 Antworten zu Der Brief von Tsipras an Lagarde (IWF)

  1. bluecrystal7 schreibt:

    Das zeigt doch nun mehr als eindeutig, was der IWF hier verfolgt. Und dabei ist sich diese Organisation natürlich nicht zu schade, erpresserische Methoden – wieder einmal – anzuwenden.

    Gefällt mir

  2. Auerbach schreibt:

    Hat dies auf montagfrei rebloggt.

    Gefällt mir

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