Aufruf zu Solikundgebungen, Mittwoch 19:00 überall

Berlin, Germany

Bremen, Germany

Kassel, Germany

Dortmund: 19.30 Uhr, Reinoldikirche

Frankfurt: 19.30 Uhr, Hauptwache

Hamburg: 18 Uhr, Hachmannplatz

Kiel: 19.30 Uhr, Hauptbahnhof

Koblenz, Germany

Regensburg, Germany

Stuttgart: 18:30 Uhr, Schloßplatz

OXI in anderen Ländern:

Graz, Austria

Vienna, Austria

Bregenz, Austria

Geneva, Switzerland

Athens, Greece

Brussels, Belgium

London, United Kingdom

Leeds, United Kingdom

Liverpool, United Kingdom

Bristol, United Kingdom

Manchester, United Kingdom

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Dublin, Ireland

Limerick, Ireland

Duns, Scotland

Copenhagen, Denmark

Tilburg, The Netherlands

Napels, Italy

Padua, Italy

Paris, France

Bayonne, France

Nantes, France

Lisbon, Portugal


Sofia, Bulgaria

Prague, Czech Republic

Belgrade, Serbia

Skopje, Macedonia

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Chicago, USA

Baltimore, USA

Oakland, USA

Los Angeles, USA

Buffalo, USA

Brantford, Ontario

Montreal, Canada

Sydney, Australia

Tel Aviv, Israel

[Danke an Marie-Dominique für diese Liste!]

THISISACOUP-protest: OXI means OXI, NO to financial blackmail, solidarity with the Greek people!

A call to solidarity action on Wednesday, everywhere, at 19:00
The Troika has succeeded in making the SYRIZA-government submit to their demands to implement more devastating austerity measures, by means of financial terrorism and threatening to push the country over the brink of economic collapse. Some would call this a capitulation by SYRIZA, some would call ‪#‎ThisIsACoup‬ by the Troika. Whatever it is, if the Troika gets their way, it would amount to a historic defeat for everyone fighting against austerity and for democracy.The only option left for us now is escalating the struggle to the streets and the workplaces. Forced by the Troika the Greek government will on Wednesday be effectively implementing legislation that the people voted NO against over little more than a week ago. All red lines have been crossed. It’s up to us to defend them. So we call on everyone all over the world to take to central squares that day, to loudly say:
OXI means OXI!OXI to austerity!
OXI to capitulation!
OXI to a third memorandum!
YES to democracy and people’s power
The only dividing line right now, in Greece and in those in solidarity is this:
Do you fight or do you capitulate?
We choose to fight. We hope to see you in the streets.

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