Guardian:“Die Frauen, die die Goldene Morgenröte zu Fall brachten“

„Für eine Partei, deren Ideologie auf der Vorherrschaft der Männer basiert, deren Weltsicht so militaristisch ist, ist es erniedrigend und tut weh.“

Maria Lepenioti, die Vorsitzende Richterin des Prozesses gegen die Goldene Morgenröte

Helen Smith, The Guardian, 22.10.2020 [leider nur auf englisch]:
>The women who brought down Greece’s Golden Dawn.
Female legal experts played key role in confronting far-right party’s violent tactics
Behind the bench, before her mostly male audience, as the marathon trial of Golden Dawn entered its last act, supreme court justice Maria Lepenioti did what she has done every week: she kept the peace.
It has not been easy. Emotions have often run high. Even as the curtain was about to come down on proceedings with a ruling on whether those convicted should be jailed pending appeal, the Greek judge, both laconic and low-key, has had to pull off an extraordinary balancing act presiding over a case that has put more Nazi leaders and sympathisers in the dock than at any time since Nuremberg.
In her court every word has counted. There has been no tolerance for the extreme rhetoric that fuelled the neo-fascist group’s spectacular rise. Nor for jibes from the other side.
“Day after day, session after session, she has managed to keep the harmony,” says Giota Tessi, a reporter with the centre left Syntaktwn paper who has observed the proceedings almost since they began in April 2015. “Her knowledge of the case file is incredible. She has been a model of restraint but she has also been very aware of the weight of the moment.”<

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