25 NGOs klagen die EU wegen ihrer Flüchtlingspolitik an

Anlässlich des dritten Jahrestages des EU-Türkei-Paktes veröffentlichten Amnesty International, Oxfam, Greek Council for Refugees, Human Rights Watch und viele andere Organistationen den folgenden offen Brief:
„To: EU Member States’ Heads of State,
EU Member States’ Ministers of Migration, Justice and Home Affairs
CC: European Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship, Dimitris Avramopoulos,
Deputy Director General for Migration DG Migration and Asylum (HOME), Simon Mordue

Wir veröffentlichen hier nur die Logos von acht der 25  Organisationen

14 March 2019 –  Dear European leaders,
Re: NGOs calling on European leaders to urgently take action to end the humanitarian and human rights crisis at Europe’s borders.
We, the 25 undersigned humanitarian, human rights and volunteer organizations call on you, in the run up to the third anniversary of the EU – Turkey deal, to take immediate and sustained Action to end the unfair and unnecessary containment policy which is preventing asylum seekers from leaving the Greek islands. We also call on you to urgently reach a common responsibility – sharing Agreement for hosting asylum seekers across EU Member States.
The policy that traps people on the Greek islands and prevents them from reaching the European mainland has caused a recurrent and endless cycle of overcrowding, substandard living conditions and extremely poor access to Services: the european “hotspots” continue to provide accommodation and basic services, such as food and medical assistance, well below minimum standards. The European response in Greece has proven to have disastrous consequences on refugees’ rights, including their health and safety. This has been exhaustively documented and brought to your attention through countless reports over the last three years1.“ weiterlesen

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