Neue Geflüchtete in Griechenland: Türkische Oppositionelle

Von Alev Scott,
Colony of exiles – Meeting Sevan Nisanyan in Samos
Samos is unusually green for an Aegean island, especially in early May. I am several hundred metres up a mountain, plunging down a scree-covered track in an open jeep. Next to me, the driver peers ahead, owlish spectacles bouncing on his nose. “This is where . . . it gets . . . exciting!” he shouts above the thunder of our descent, yanking the wheel as we speed towards a hairpin bend and the distant blue horizon disappears from view.
Sevan Nisanyan is no stranger to risk. Last year, the sixty-one-year-old academic escaped prison in Turkey where he had been serving a sixteen-year sentence for crimes which included insulting the Prophet Muhammed. He made his way to the coast and boarded a boat to Greece.“ weiterlesen

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