[Athen] Treffen europäischer Sozialbewegungen am 27. Juni

Dear all,
On 27th of June, a meeting of european social movements will take place in Athens. The idea was launched on May 2 in Athens and confirmed in the Assembly of Alter Summit last 8th of June.
Greek social/political movements have already made a proposal for a public event in the evening (see document attached).

We think this meeting is important for 2 main reasons:
– the negociations between Greek government and European institutions show the difficulties an anti-austerity government could face.
We have to discuss how social movements could intensify the struggles against austerity in the coming month
1) having a clear view of the political situation
2) sharing our experiences of the Week of action in solidarity with Greece

– after 5 years of austerity in Europe, it’s time for social movements to take a step forward, to be ambitious.
The Marches to Brussels and the 3 days of actions in this city in October could be the moment to show our determination (see proposal attached).
This proposal will be discussed during the meeting.

The meeting in Athens on 27th of June will have two key moments:
– a meeting for social movements during the day: 11am-5pm, 14 Sarri Street, Athens
– a political event on evening: 7:30pm, Garden of Byzantine Museum, Athens

So we call all organizations, social movements, trade unions and political forces to be presents in Athens on 27th of June.
Please register as soon as possible at office@transform-network.net.
It is already high season in Greece, so it is difficult to book hotels. Please do it as soon as possible.
If you don’t find a place to stay, tell us. We will be trying to find solutions to this problem but cannot guarantee by now.

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