Petition: „Schließt Moria“

Petition auf zur Schließung des unmenschlichen Gefängnisses für Geflüchtete „Moria“ auf Lesbos
„URGENT!!! CLOSE MORIA PRISON FOR REFUGEES! UNHRC fails to protect refugees!

Petitionsbrief an:
Greek minister for migration IOANNIS MOUZALAS!
Prime Minister Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras
European Parliament Cristina Lambotte
Minister of Justice, Transparency, Human Rights Stavros Kontonis
Municipality Municipality Mytilini
Immigration Office Greece

We, signers of the petition, ask the following decision makers and greek authorities,
Prime Minister of Greece, Minister of Migration, Minister of Justice,

Dear Prime Minister, Minister of Justice, Minister of Migration, we ask you kindly and politely and urgently to live up to the standards of universal human rights and the refugee convention 1951. We ask you Sincerely and Urgently to take care of the refugees in despair and in hungerstrike in Mytilini Lesvos now, even women and children! About forty sheltered people who have taken refuge in the European Union are left in the cold air, without food and heating, twenty-four hours a day in the city of Mitlyini.
Five women have struggled through the seventh day of their hunger strike, and neither the Greek Government nor the United Nations, nor the European Union nor the parliamentarians have shown any response to this human tragedy!
SHOW the WORLD your courage and compassion as a human being and as true children of Greece, the cradle of DEMOCRACY….The cradle of the OLYMPICS, the spirit of international solidarity and sportivity, the country of the Ancient Gods!

Bless you for choosing HUMANITY!

The true beauty of Lesvos and all Greece lies in the heart and in humanity.

Humanity for All!“

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