Eldorado Gold gibt auf!!!

In einer Presseerklärung gibt Eldorado Gold die Änderung seiner Investitionspläne in Griechenland bekannt:

Eldorado Gold Announces Amended Investment Plans in Greece

VANCOUVER , Jan. 11, 2016 /PRNewswire/ – Eldorado Gold Corporation („Eldorado“ or the „Company“) confirms that it will implement significant changes to its investment plans in Greece going forward.

In order to complete the construction and development of its mining projects (the „Kassandra Mines“) in Halkidiki, northern Greece , Hellas Gold , a Greek subsidiary of Eldorado, requires the approval of various routine permits and licenses from a number of government agencies, predominantly under the direction of the Ministry of Energy and Environment (the „Ministry“).

Halkidiki, Baustelle von Eldorado Gold in Skouries, Foto: Brian E. Janßen

Halkidiki, Baustelle von Eldorado Gold in Skouries
Foto: Brian E. Janßen

Hellas Gold received approval for its Environmental Impact Study in 2011, yet since 2012, the Ministry and other agencies have not entirely fulfilled their permitting and licensing obligations primarily as a result of the lobbying efforts by anti-development interest groups. In addition, during 2015, the Ministry revoked or suspended certain permits of Hellas Gold ( news releases dated: March 2, 2015 & August 19, 2015 ), which has had a negative impact on the Company’s schedule and budget to develop its assets.

Hellas Gold has been forced to seek remedy in the courts of law in order to address these permitting delays and various court decisions have been made in the Company’s favour, and others remain outstanding. A building permit, that would allow Hellas Gold to complete the construction of the Skouries processing plant, has been delayed for over three years.

Hellas Gold is presently unable to complete its development plans in Halkidiki as a result of the actions and/or inactions of the Ministry and other agencies regarding the timely issuance of routine permits and licenses, which is not only a legal responsibility, but also a contractual obligation of the Greek State.

Skouries Project (Halkidiki)

Construction and development activities at the Skouries Project (with over US$300 million invested to-date), will be suspended. Environmental protection works and care and maintenance activities will continue to be performed in order to safeguard the environment and the assets of the Company at site at a cost of approximately US$1 million per month.“
Mehr: Presseerklärung von Eldorado Gold vom 11. Januar 2016

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3 Antworten zu Eldorado Gold gibt auf!!!

  1. kokkinos vrachos schreibt:

    Kalimera, nicht zu früh die Sektkorken knallen lassen, endgültig entschieden ist noch gar nichts.

    Morgen trifft sich Zipras mit Eldorado Gold, um weiter zu beratschlagen.


    vg, kv


  2. kokkinos vrachos schreibt:

    Bergbaukonzern stoppt Goldminenbau in Griechenland

    Griechenland legt sich mit Goldgräbern an
    Gegen die Hellas Gold, die eine Tochtergesellschaft der kanadischen Eldorado Gold ist und die Goldminen auf Chalkidiki in Griechenland betreibt, wurden Geldstrafen in Höhe von insgesamt über 1,7 Millionen Euro verhängt.

    Η σιωπή δεν είναι gold…..είναι Eldorado gold

    Protestkundgebung in Ierissos am Sonntag 17.1.2016
    Συγκέντρωση διαμαρτυρίας στην Ιερισσό την Κυριακή

    vg, kv


  3. kokkinos vrachos schreibt:

    Eldorado und Griechenland stellen sich Ultimaten
    Während Griechenland auf der Einhaltung der Umweltschutzbedingungen in den Goldminen auf Chalkidiki beharrt, droht die Eldorado Gold mit Investitionsstopp und Entlassungen.

    vg, kv


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