Island of Refuge

Heute ist der letzte Tag, an dem dieses Crowdfunding-Projekt noch unterstützt werden kann und es werden dringend noch Unterstützer_innen gesucht!

Island of Refuge – Trailer from Zed Productions on Vimeo.

What is the ‚Island of Refuge‘ project:

„Island of Refuge“ (#islandofrefuge) is an independent feature length documentary about the refugee crisis on Lesbos, in Greece. The film has a particular focus on the local people and how they have experienced and are responding to the crisis. I am also taking portrait photographs of the local people on Lesbos and these are available in limited addition in the rewards section. There will be a variety of exhibition opportunities for the film and ultimately my aim is to have „Island of Refuge“ seen by as many people as possible as well as being a document summary of this island’s iconic moment in history…“

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